Agent Evil - A Comment on Real Estate Agents

The state of the Real Estate industry is rubbish. I mean nothing personal to friends and family who are agents, but honestly, from a consumer perspective, real estate agents are out of control. I do know many good ones that mean nothing but good intentions, but many more are only out for a buck.

We recently listed a "Make me move" on Zillow to get a market temp. Since the day following the listing, I am averaging 8-10 daily calls requesting to be my agent. The home isn't even listed. Many are nice some are flat out insane.

One KW agent has called 2x daily. And I have asked him to stop. He honestly told me he didn't have to stop and that he paid good money for the lead from Zillow and I needed to at least hear his pitch. Does he honestly think harassing me will get him business? He (same guy) also told me I couldn't legally sell my home without a MLS number and for 495 he could provide that. Another KW told me that real estate lawyer was too complicated for non-agents. Firstly, the agents have boiler plate contracts and a law firm does the closing. Secondly, I work in corporate law and specialize partly in premises / property contracts.

I had one today that asked who my agent was because she had an interested client. I told her I didn't have an agent, but would consider a buyer's agent commission once I listed. She said "consider?" Dramatically and proceeded to let me know she wouldn't be bringing her clients until I had an agent.

I have reported one to Realtors(r)

The state of affairs is insane and you wonder why home owners don't want to use agents. And I am being blackballed before I have even decided to sell. It's crazy, disrespectful and as a whole, the industry should be ashamed.

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