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Well it has now been just a bit over 2 weeks and there is already much progress. Kelly has actually already got her dress (amazing right?). It also looks like the bridesmaid dresses are picked out, also. Also looks like we have a rough decision on the wedding party. I will leave that be until it is finalized. So currently, our burden is to decide on the location. I am writing this post with the hope that anyone may have suggestions. Currently, we are looking at the below. Take a peek. Let us know what you think of the below or tell us something we may have missed. We would like the location to be between Atlanta and Chattanooga.

Chota Falls I think this is the current leader
The Tate House
Barnsley Gardens
The Grande of Kennesaw

I am sure there are more, but I am drawing a blank right now. This is Kelly’s thing anyways.

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