Ok so I have to admit, it has been way to long since we updated this thing. I swear, this will not happen again. In fact, Kelly and I both got BlackBerry’s just to keep up with this blog! Ok not really, but we do both have them now, which means Up to the minute – Photos and Updates!!!. Your excitement can now subside.

So what has been going on since the last post….

Well, I guess the most pressing issue was the parental units meeting for the first times. About 3 weeks ago, Kelly’s Dad and Sharon came to my folks houseboat for a relaxing afternoon on the lake. Everything went great. So 1 down.

This last weekend, Kelly’s Mom and her sister came to our house. They both met my Mom and the ladies all went out to Bahama Breeze for lunch and then to David’s Bridal for dress fitting. Yes, fitting. Kelly has already picked out her dress. About a month ago actually. So they also picked out the Bridesmaid dress. Also, my best man (woman(person(whatever))), Samantha went with them to pick out her dress. Something like a Tux dress or something. I don’t really get it, but I think it will be awesome having Samantha as my best man (woman(person(whatever))).

This upcoming weekend, Kelly and I will be going to Dahlonega, GA for the weekend. We will be looking at 2 different locations. Forest Hills and at Water’s Mill. We hope to find something soon as we need to get going with our planning!

We have also decided on a theme ~~~~~~ Wait for it ~~~~~~

Cherry Blossoms!

And we have basically finished registering at one location. Macy’s! And that was way more work than what I was expecting.

Ok, so sorry for the long post. We are going to keep this thing updated moving forward.

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