Forrest Hills “Resort”

Ok, I really wish I could explain this place. Its half boys scout camp and half “getaway”. First, it is literally in the middle of now where. Yeah, it was a nice get away for the weekend, but far from a wedding location. Its just funny. I will not bore you with pics of their chapel. It was not even worth taking pictures of. Basically just 2 gazebos facing each other. Close to the bridal suites, were 2 of those smokers outpost things just in case the bride needs to burn one before taking that walk down the isle.

On a more positive note, I have never seen a hot tub 3 feet from the bed and inside the 2 room cabin. We were next to the stables and were enthralled by the occasion poopoo smell. Oh, and god the roaches. I put up a picture of my fav, Jeffrey. It was a sad day. My absolute favorite was having to sign a release form stating that we would not leave bodily fluids in the hot tub. But it looked like the previous guest used the carpet.

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