Okay, back on track.

Well, for those who dont know, I have been in Detroit, MI since Dec 7th. I am up here training for my new job as a buyer for Volkswagen in Chattanooga, TN. This Friday I leave MI for GA. Sunday we leave GA for TN. Monday, its back to work! But we can finally finish the wedding plans.

Well Kelly has been too busy, and shes making my head spin with all the changes. Here’s a breakdown….

1) I think the rehearsal is at Manker Patten – DONT HOLD ME TO THIS ONE

2) Location has stayed the same, Baylor School

3) Reception is now at The Gallery aka RedBank Gallery

4) We have new invitations!

Well,  I think thats about enough for now. Im  a bit under the weather, so I will run for now.

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