At home in Hixson

Last weekend, Kelly and I signed a contract for a new house in Hixson. We are pretty pumped about it. It is a little bit out in the country compare to where we moved from in Kennesaw, but we love it. It is fairly large for us. It does have a large fenced in backyard which is awesome for our child, Juno. She is a dog, of course. But it does have a great yard. It also has a swimming pool. A lot of extra work, but seems like it would be worth it so I guess we will see.

Not too much else exciting. I am just waiting around until the Nexus One comes out for Verizon before I upgrade to a new phone. Buh bye Blackberry and you slow route to advance. The Nexus One has got mixed reviews, but it looks much worse due to the insane iPhone Fans Boys that spend 2/3 of their entire day scouring the web to find reviews so they can base Goolge/Verizon/ CDMA/Android/etc etc. Anything they can do to make themselves feel better about AT&T and their shoddy service.

Anyways, looking forward to a quite weekend. Working for Volkswagen here is Chattanooga is really starting to wear me done. I need to relax and I need warm weather. Oh well, sounds like my trip to Michigan is not going to be what I need but work is work.

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