Outdoor Speakers and New Post Light

We got two projects mostly complete this weekend. We added outdoor, weather-proof speakers on both of our porches and 1 in the kitchen. Can’t miss any football! ūüôā We also finished “Phase 1” of our mailbox refresher.

 From the street side, (Left Pic) you cannot see the speakers. From the right pic, you can see the speakers. These are adjustable so we can turn them out for the pool, and in for the front/side porch. These and the other 2 speakers are all running off the main entertainment center in the living room. And of course, no wires can be seen any where; thanks to about 600 feet of Radio Shack Speaker wire!

Here are the other 2. One is just on top of the fridge for now, but will be mounted to the kitchen wall. The other is on the back porch. Never miss a second!

The last item we worked on is the mailbox and light post. Our HOA requires a working light post. When we moved in, the light didn’t work. I fixed the electrical, then the light fixture melted from a high powered bulb. Anyways, the light looked old and the post was rusted. We are calling this Phase 1¬†because¬†there is a lot of work to go on the mailbox area.

 Anybody have a chainsaw they can sell, cheap?

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