DIY Framed Laptop

So i had a spare laptop and some time this weekend. I read a few different posts on making a framed, wall mounted laptops.
So basically, i did the below. Overall, it was a easy but time consuming project
– Built wood frame
– disassembled a laptop (completely, like every little piece)
– Mounted the monitor to the frame
– Used a Dremmel to carve out the minimal required pieces of the laptop case
– Removed unused components (dial-up modem, keyboard, trackpad, frame, webcam, junk speakers)
– mounted the old laptop case and barebones components to Paint Stirrers (yep, light weight and all i had)
– reattached and mounted to back of frame, also added usb port from left overs
– installed Openelec Link (XBMC operating system) 
– Added a bunch of addons
– we use the Android remote for the controller and the speaker is a portable iHome speaker from BB&B
Honestly, initially i had installed Ubuntu 12.10 and XBMC on that, but the lack of a keyboard/mouse was an issue. Also, the laptop was overheating, but that was the issue with the laptop in the first place.
Overall, it was very easy. It took about 3-5 hours and weighs like 2-3 pounds. It will require woodwork and computer knowledge, but we love it.
I blew the pic below up. This is a picture from underneath.

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