HomeAdvisor? No way, run, now!

HomeAdvisor is a money driven lead engine and is not trying to help you as a consumer but rather how much they can sell your information.

Below is an email I sent to HomeAdvisor after my experience looking for a plumber. I will not be using HA again, and cannot warn consumers enough; stay away.

I require all my PII deleted from Homeadvisor and all other information deleted from your databases.  I require confirmation once the information has been purged.

I used your site to see if I could find a reputable plumber. 5-10 minutes after submitting info i received 3 phone calls from 3 different companies, none of which were the one I was looking to speak with. I wasn’t expecting this, but it was within reason.

Then after about 5-6 hours, the bombardment began. In 2 days, I have probably received 30-40 calls. Mostly, I have sent them to voicemail, but i did take a couple. Mostly different companies.

READ THIS: This is where I drew the line. One company called and I took the call. I told him I wasn’t interested. He told me that I was OBLIGATED to let him quote because he “paid his money” for my contact information. We actually argued about this. I told him to contact HomeAdvisor to address his concerns. THIS IS WHERE IT REALLY WENT SOUTH. He didn’t buy the “lead” from HomeAdvisor, he bought it from a company that gets their leads from HA. So, to get this straight you sell my information to trusted partners, and they sell my PII to 3rd parties who sell my information to other people? I am sure the FTC would love this info.

Again, i am demanding my Personally Identifiable Information removed from all HomeAdvisor databases immediately and confirmation once complete.

I will be addressing further resolutions through a 3rd party.

Oh and by the way, the company I did want to talk to called me today. He was very upset as he pays an annual fee to be a member, pays per lead, and is guaranteed no more that 3 total companies get the lead. So the contractors are getting screwed too, as HomeAdvisor doesn’t have their house in order.

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