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Just wanted to post a quick little post about a local company in Cherokee County that we found. They serve all of Cherokee County and specifically they come to Canton on Thursdays. The company is called Georgia Farm to Table and you can order a weekly home delivery of fresh produce from Cherokee County Farmers. They do offer online ordering and you can have reoccurring orders or you can place weekly orders and also some customized orders.

We highly recommend the service. I would recommend sticking to the boxed orders though. The boxes change on a weekly basis based on product availability. We did some add-on’s (Peaches and Red Potatoes), and out of everything ordered, these were the only two things that weren’t amazing.


Also, as far as pricing goes, this box set was $45. This is for a week. Now, I you might be considering doing a build your own box. You might be curious about the pricing difference. I did the math for you. If you were to buy the individual items in the $45/box, this would cost you a touch over $77. That means their box set is a $32 savings! Well, over their build your own pricing.


Boxed Veggies


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